The Bestest Part… Brighton, Michigan Family Photographer

There is a lot that I love about my job. But the absolute BESTEST part is that I get to watch families grow!  I’ve been capturing pictures of these 2 cuties since the very beginning. That makes my heart happy! I took a little break from photography, and I was so happy when Mom called me back. I almost cried when I saw how big the girls have gotten. Simply gorgeous!!!! Thank you for letting me documenting your family throughout the years.



What is Your Passion? Hartland, Michigan Family Photographer

Sometimes life gets rough. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. And sometimes life knocks you down and kicks the crap out of you for a while. But that’s usually where you find yourself thinking and seeing on a much clearer level.

I took a breather. I regrouped. I was reminded what is truly important in life. I got saved. I took some time off. I tried some new lines of work. I moved. I vacationed.  I snuggled my kids a lot. I dreamed. I stayed busy. And sometimes I relaxed.

And through all of it, the one thing that was always on the back on my mind was how much I missed my camera, and how much I missed capturing those smiling faces.

Lesson learned… When you know  what your passion is, there is really no point in ignoring it. My heart and soul breathe photography and I was a fool to pretend otherwise.

So……. Here we are, just in time for Spring. Carrie Lee Photography is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

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