What is Your Passion? Hartland, Michigan Family Photographer

Sometimes life gets rough. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. And sometimes life knocks you down and kicks the crap out of you for a while. But that’s usually where you find yourself thinking and seeing on a much clearer level.

I took a breather. I regrouped. I was reminded what is truly important in life. I got saved. I took some time off. I tried some new lines of work. I moved. I vacationed.  I snuggled my kids a lot. I dreamed. I stayed busy. And sometimes I relaxed.

And through all of it, the one thing that was always on the back on my mind was how much I missed my camera, and how much I missed capturing those smiling faces.

Lesson learned… When you know  what your passion is, there is really no point in ignoring it. My heart and soul breathe photography and I was a fool to pretend otherwise.

So……. Here we are, just in time for Spring. Carrie Lee Photography is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are ready to book a photo session, you can contact me at carrie@carrieleephotography.com.