Photographers exploit France to the fullest because of its stunning locations. But what if you are an Australian photographer wanting to make it big in France? Your first question will be if you need to learn French. This is something that almost everyone has whenever they start a career in a new country. Whether you are a photographer or an electrician, learning the local language is always advantageous.

Type of photography matters

Is it always necessary for Australian photographers to learn French when they travel to France? The answer depends on your genre of photography. Many photography techniques don’t require you to learn a different language. For example, if you are a landscape or abstract photographer, you will go around clicking pictures of different locations and objects. You don’t have to communicate with anyone while doing your work.

However, learning French becomes important when you are into wedding photography, modeling photoshoots, or even headshot photography. You need to instruct couples and models to stand at a specific angle. Since they are your clients, you cannot expect them to learn your language. Instead, you should learn French to provide clear instructions. This is why you need to have french lessons in Sydney for better communication. Many photographers try to learn a few French phrases before visiting France. That doesn’t work if you want to talk to your clients.

Negotiating deals

You can be the best wedding photographer in Australia, but unless you speak the local language in France, your services will remain limited because of the communication gap. It is not possible to use sign language to instruct everything. Imagine you are covering a wedding in France. You spend a lot of time making the bride, groom, best man, and bridesmaids stand in the correct position so that you can take the picture-perfect photo.

It is possible to cut this communication gap if you learn French. That way, you will not only provide better instructions but also save the time of your clients. Apart from instructing clients about their poses, you will have a tough time negotiating deals for your projects. Different clients have different demands for their wedding photographs. You need to negotiate an agreement accordingly. It can become a tough task handling these deals unless you learn French.

For example, clients may want a cinematic video of their wedding video. These videos usually take a long time to edit. You have to add background scores, modify the color of the videos, an

do various other things to get the precise look that the client wants. Different photographers charge differently for these services. How will you convince your client about why this type of video costs more if you don’t know French?

Learning a new language is not easy. But that does not mean you can’t go the extra mile to make your business international. If learning French can help attract hundreds of clients in France, don’t let that opportunity slip. Australians don’t usually back off from any challenge. Take this as a task that can help your photography skills flourish. You will see the positives of learning French soon once you travel to France.