As real estate agents, when we finally decided to record a video for our clients, we usually focus so much on giving a good image that we forget that our environment also sends a message to our customers. So when you decide to send a message for a particular date, merely a personal greeting or a sincere thank you to your customers through a video, we suggest you invest time in preparing the background to ensure you convey a clear message of attention and consideration to them.

Because believe us, this lack of attention will not make the fund automatically return neutral, in fact, ignoring what is behind you will cause you to send a message that perhaps you did not have planned.

The location is as important in the production of videos, as it is in the real estate sector. That’s why we bring you the following suggestions, quick and simple to increase the quality of the results of your video:

  • Cleaning: We have seen too many videos, webinars, interviews and video conference sessions with “objects” in the background that completely distract the attention of everyone who sees the person. Coffee cups, half dead plants, strange collections of books, random clutter, stainless steel appliances full of fingerprints, inadequate mirror reflections. This also distracts some attention of captured photos added by the property photographers.  What message is sending that disaster to your customers?
  • Clothing: What you wear must be complemented by what is behind you. For example, many dresses in the same dark colour as their high-backed chair, so that the furniture seems strange to be a part of their body. Others dress the same colour as the background, and when lost in the same colour, makes it look like a floating head.
  • Lighting: Staging stars know about the importance of adequate lighting. The lights placed on the ceiling of the office may not be the most favourable, especially if they are fluorescent, which can add a greenish tinge unattractive to your image. Add or decrease the lighting and observe the result until its effect improves. Another suggestion is to use LED bulbs that will give a different color spectrum that will ultimately enhance the observed value of your video.
  • Makeup: Now that the background shines, make sure you do not do it. Apply a light base and powder to cover the uneven colouring of the skin, as well as the forehead and shiny nose.
  • Technology in the right place: Check the connections and outputs of the cables so that there are no technological distractions during the live transmission or in the final video. If you have to use headphones, spend a second to fix them so that the strands of hair or the wires around your face do not distract the spectators.

Finally, to make sure you are sending the message you are looking for, we recommend doing some quick surveys to see if your video seems to have been made at the last minute or if your message succeeds in producing a reflection and close attention in your clients.